Choosing the Best LCD Monitor

What Is Important

Looking for the best LCD monitor? Well, each has its own best monitor. It is very difficult to say that one monitor is the best. Simply because the needs are very different. Anyway, here are listed some of the features that you should look for to find the best monitor for your computer.

Monitor size

Big monitors with big screen resolution usually provide the best experience. Large screen area provides a good environment for any application. You will be able to read any text without the having difficulty with small font sizes.

Screen resolution

Big resolutions (1920×1200 and above) provide a large workspace where you can comfortably open any application. From simple text editing to desktop publishing, you will be able to open the main window will all the menus, toolbars and additional windows without overlapping.

Monitor frame

Some monitors have shiny frame. This may be very annoying for some users. There are also many monitors that have cool non-reflective frame which doesn’t get noticed when you work with the computer. Thin black frame is preferred.

Front controls

Every LCD monitor has some controls to turn the monitor, to adjust settings and lights to show the status of the monitor. Make sure they are not too bright because they will stand out and you may ecome nervous having a bright star below the monitor.

Power consumption

Most modern LCD monitors have very low power consumption but not all of them. Make sure your big screen will not consume more electricity than your computer. The more it consumes the more it heats itself and the environment around.

That’s it. Check few monitors and compare features listed above. Soon you will find the best LCD monitor that will complement your workstation and will have the best price/value ratio.